Experimenting with the landing page’s showcase design at SVT Play

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Swedish Television (SVT) is Sweden’s public service broadcasting company and SVT Play is their streaming platform, which just so happened to turn fifteen years old at the end of 2021. The company is striving to be a data driven company and during my almost six years at SVT’s analysis department they have come a long way. I’ve been working there as a digital analyst for the children’s department since May 2016, but got this opportunity to try out working with UX for SVT Play on the Apple-TV platform.

The Apple-TV team

The challenge

At the beginning of 2021 the Apple-TV platform for SVT Play had undergone a large code transformation. Around the same time a project had just wrapped up in which SVT Play implemented a process for designing key art that was adapted to the streaming environment.


User research

The SVT Play team had during the spring of 2021 done an extensive survey study on the goals, pains and gains of our users. Through this study, as well as an exploration of user sessions in our web analytics data, three user, or rather use segments were identified, of which one user could fall into any of the segments at different times. They were:

  • The fetcher: I know what I want to watch right now.
  • The explorer: I know that I want to watch something right now, but I’m not sure what.
  • The planner: I want to find something that I can watch later.
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The hypothesis

Using this framework the following hypothesis was produced for our experiment with the SVT Play showcase redesign:

Background research

I found inspiration for the new designs in obvious places: from sleek and uncluttered streaming service landing pages like Hulu on the right, to YouTube with a little bit of everything strewn about on the page. There were also surprising sources like maps with different variations in a grid formation.

Design inspiration: A map of Australia with different variations, the landing pages of YouTube and Hulu
  • the same amount of key art images as in the original design
  • the same amount of descriptive text as in the original design


Lo-fi wireframes of the different variants produced

Hi-Fi wireframe variants

Original version
Variant 1: Carousel
  • Large, luxurious image for the selected item.
  • Part of all cards in the shop window below the showcase are visible on the screen.
Variant 2: show everything 3 + 4
  • Approximately the same look as a list (which is used in the rest of the product) but with the entire showcase window visible at the same time.
  • Nothing is shown of the list below the showcase as it is under the fold, except for the list title.
  • This is the way the showcase is designed in the Smart-TV app of SVT Play.
  • No bylines.
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The test was run for 21 days with approximately 370,000 user sessions for each variant.

Sessions with videostarts

Sessions: % with clicks on the showcase window

Sessions: % with clicks on the start page

Time to first video start (% with time > 30 seconds)

Percentage of sessions with visits on other views

Percentage of sessions with a bounce


By looking at the visual indicator below, the lines indicate where the next list below the showcase begins. The color is connected to the performance in terms the percentage of sessions with clicks (and videostarts) on the start page.


  • Our current showcase (original) has the highest percentage of clicks leading to video start, however it is neither best nor worst in the performance of showcase or start page (clicks and videostarts)
  • the grid performs the best in terms of getting clicks and starts in the showcase but is the worst for the rest of the start page, with lower clicks and videostarts on start and higher percentage of users leaving the start page to other parts of the app. It also has a longer time to videostart.
  • The carousel is much worse in terms of getting users to click and start titles in the showcase BUT helps the start page do its job with more overall clicks and videostarts.
  • The list variant is the best performer out of the three variants and the original, based on the metrics and data that we’ve collected. There were slightly less showcase clicks compared to the original but it has the highest share of sessions with clicks and videostarts from the start page. It also lowers the time to first videostart, lowers the bounce rate and reduces the number of visits on other parts of the app.

Next steps

Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

Explore with other SVT Play teams:

  • Change the position of Fortsätt titta (the list below the showcase) with other types of lists.
  • Swap the positions of Fortsätt titta and showcase.
  • Remove the showcase altogether.



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