Experimenting with the landing page’s showcase design at SVT Play

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We believe that if we use visually enticing key art and descriptive introductory texts about the content

then users who explore and users who want to see specific, current content

will experience that it is easier to find a good program

which will reduce the time to video start, increase the proportion of video sessions and generate more video starts from the showcase window.

Design inspiration: A map of Australia with different variations, the landing pages of YouTube and Hulu
Lo-fi wireframes of the different variants produced
Original version
Variant 1: Carousel
Variant 2: show everything 3 + 4
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Our theory is that the vertical real estate of the showcase has a significant impact on the performance of the start page. One hypothesis is that more different types of content/lists displayed above the fold gives the user more of a sense of overview and confidence that they can find what they are looking for here.

We don’t know if displaying the showcase has other long-term effects, for example if exposing these titles to users before they find what they want to watch now, results in them returning to watch them later.

Next steps

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